Experience Everything

A New Outlook

We're not only Adelaide's newest, but also most unique hi-fi and audio store. In fact, we don't even think of ourselves as just a 'hi-fi store'. We're more of 'complete-entertainment-experience' store. We don't just sell TVs, Speakers, Stereos, Turntables, Headphone, Players or Projectors. Instead, we aim to find the perfect equipment to maximise your home entertainment experience. All this, while keeping your budget in mind. Speak to us today.

Quality Over Quantity

We're not big on stocking every single brand or product under the sun. For a simple reason - we prefer to focus our energy and expertise on only the best brands and products available. If it's something we wouldn't willingly purchase for our own use, then why would we sell it to you. Our purchasing team has a strong background in all things hi-fi and this gives us a distinct advantage over the 'competition'. Check out our industry leading brands today: Naim, Pioneer, Vienna Acoustics, Rega, Paradigm, Yamaha, Monitor Audio, Sonos, Cambridge Audio, Pro-ject, Ruark Audio, REL, Anthem and Sony.

Simplify Hi-Fi

If you've often thought that setting up a hi-fi system sounds all too hard and technically challenging, then you're a victim of the hi-fi market, where manuals are heavy and support non-existance from retailers. Well, it's time to change that. At Atmosphere Audio, we believe hi-fi doesn't need to be rocket science. And to help you get a complete understanding of the products you buy, we provide comprehencive in-store training classes. We don't bog you down with jargon either, we demonstrate how to get the most out of hi-fi from the comfort of your home.