Cyrus Audio Roadshow on 2nd of May. Streamers, DACs, Amplifiers, CD Players demonstration.
Simplify Hi-Fi

What is streaming audio?

If you've never heard of streaming radio, it is simply a way to listen to music wirelessly from a source which could be a computer, a hard drive, a smartphone, a tablet or the internet. You can use Bluetooth or WiFi to do this. Technologies like Apple's Airplay make it a breeze to wirelessly listen to music from your computer or iPhone. This wireless technology is growing very fast and there are many price and quality options in this category..

Let's Break It Down

There is nothing worse then spending your hard earned money on equipment you don't understand. Let us show you, step-by-step how to get the most out of your new purchases. Hi-Fi Systems should make your life easier and more enjoyable - not harder.

Keep Up To Date

Want to know why it's worth upgrading your movie viewing to Blu-ray? Or why it's worth listening to your digital music in FLAC or Apple Lossless? We can help you keep up to date with the latest formats to make sure you're getting the best experience from your music and movies.